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Are you looking for a hair salon where creativity and passion are translated in the highest quality of hairdressing? Search no further. At Vanhamel Hair Salon, you will find everything you have ever longed for in a hairdresser. Thanks to a sharp eye for fashion and a sense of innovation, Peter can measure you a hairdo that fit’s your personality while making a statement at the same time.

It’s your hair, it’s your personality. At our Hair Salon we think the analysis of who you are as a person should be reflected in the cuts and colours we perform. It is of extreme importance for us that you as a client feel secure and sure in our salon. We have a no-nonsense approach, which will make you feel at ease straight away. Whether you want a ridiculous good-looking haircut, a brand new hair colour or the perfect hairdo for a night out. We can provide it all.  





Do you know Peter yet? Peter has always had a passion and talent for hairdressing. Ever since he was still a small Peter, he was interested in the art of cutting and colouring. After intensive trainings and education Peter became quite the catch for a lot of salons. Since Peter enjoys education and teaching so much, he decided he didn’t want to work in the salon solely. That’s why Peter combines the Hair Salon with a renowned job as a Brand.Specialist for the brand KEVIN.MURPHY. Want to get to know Peter a bit more? Jump by. 

"I believe that perfect beauty is different for every person and that achieving it need not be a daily struggle. Realising perfect beauty is my goal." - Peter Vanhamel

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The philosophy for the Vanhamel Hair Salon is that only products can be used that don’t harm. They do not only have to be of an excellent quality for the client’s hair & skin, they have to be equally responsible in using the right materials and being unharmful for the environment.


Peter uses the haircare line of KEVIN.MURPHY for which he is a Brand.Specialist, but also part of the international education team. For the brightest colours, Peter uses COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY, the most innovative colour technology on the market. To put it short, you are not only in very talented hands when visiting Peter, the products used will indulge your hair and make it look absolutely gorgeous. 
Learn more about KEVIN.MURPHY & COLOR.ME here




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